Bulk SMS enables its users to send mass text messages nationally and internationally. This is the reason why this type of SMS delivery is one of the best solutions for businesses aiming to reach a specific audience, locally or globally. The most common use of bulk SMS messaging is for Mass SMS advertising. With an uptime of 99.99%, E-commerce, banks, financial institutes, insurance, and logistic companies trust the SMS platform to send out critical customer alerts and transaction notifications. Overall, bulk SMS marketing offers an effective way for organizations of all sizes to engage with customers. It has quickly become one of the most popular forms of Digital Marketing due to its convenience and ability to deliver instant results. Customer segmentation helps keep Bulk SMS marketing campaigns afloat.

Promotional SMS Solutions

With the limitation of 160 characters, businesses are facing a challenge to drive better ROI for their SMS campaigns.

Transactional SMS Solutions

Business APIs & on-premise solutions to deliver secure transactional alerts and notifications.

ISD SMS Solutions

Keep in touch with your global clients. go with ISD SMS Service platform.

TRAI ordered telcos to disallow commercial calls and texts from being placed using regular mobile numbers.

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